Interventional Radiology is What?

A tiny pinhole is used to undertake minimally invasive operations instead of major surgeries in the field of interventional radiology, which is a rapidly expanding specialty. These operations typically feature less risks, smaller incisions, less pain, and quicker recoveries, making them easier for the patient.

Some of our procedures reduce swelling in the arms or legs by removing blood clots, assist women with heavy periods by reducing fibroids, destroy tumors, treat pain using targeted injections, electrical stimulation, and targeted drug therapy, and encourage seniors to remain active by treating compression fractures and treat wounds by unblocking blocked arteries.

Uterine fibroid embolization

Interventional Radiologists: Who are They?

After graduating from medical school, interventional radiologists (IRs) underwent six years of specialized training. They are doctors who carry out minimally invasive procedures. Modern medical imaging techniques are used by interventional radiologists to guide tools through the skin that are smaller than one of these letters. IRs take satisfaction in doing procedures that are far less intrusive and expensive than conventional surgery.

What Benefits Does Interventional Radiology Offer?

We are aware that life goes on outside of hospitals. Our objective is to return patients as quickly and safely as possible to their families, places of employment, or educational institutions.

The majority of treatments can be done without an overnight stay in the hospital or as an outpatient procedure.
Most treatments are carried out with little or no sedation. making sure the patient is at ease while minimizing the dangers of anesthesia.
Risk, discomfort, and recovery time are all greatly decreased.
Surgery is often more expensive than the procedures.

Why Choose VIP SPECIALISTS for Interventional Radiology?

Choose VIP SPECIALISTS for a patient-centric approach to interventional radiology, where we prioritize your well-being and strive to make your journey to recovery as smooth and comfortable as possible.

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