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Varicose Vein Treatment

VIP Specialists varicose vein treatment Visalia, CA

Nearly 1 in 5 individuals are affected by visible varicose veins, and many live with difficult swelling and chronic pain in their legs. The VIP Specialists provide state of the art vein treatment to help restore your legs to health.

Spider Vein Treatment

VIP Specialists spider vein treatment Visalia, CA

More than 65% of adult legs are affected by spider or reticular veins. Vein injections are the simplest, most effective way to eliminate these unsightly veins, and the treatment of choice at VIP Specialists.

Vascular Physicians In Visalia, California

VIP Specialists Dr. Ashkan Shahkarami in Visalia, CA

Dr. Ashkan Shahkarami, MD
Vascular & Interventional Specialist

VIP Specialists Dr. Bennett K. Abe in Visalia, CA

Dr. Bennett K. Abe, MD
Vascular & Interventional Specialist

VIP Specialists Dr. Bennett K. Abe in Visalia, CA

Dr. Francisco E. Valles, MD
Vascular & Interventional Specialist

VIP Specialists Dr. Daniel Hightower in Visalia, CA

Dr. Daniel Hightower, MD
Musculoskeletal Imaging

VIP Specialists Dr. Glade Roper in Visalia, CA

Dr. Glade Roper, MD
Musculoskeletal Imaging & Intervention

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Procedure Spotlight

Varicose Vein Treatment

Woman with visible varicose veins holding legs in need of treatment

Vein Symptoms

Swelling? Leg pain? Your veins may be responsible for more health issues than you’re giving them credit for. Check your symptoms against our fact sheets and learn how the Vascular Specialists at VIP can help!

Vascular & Interventional Procedure Specialist performing vein procedure in Visalia, CA

Vein Closure Procedure

Varicose veins? Venous insufficiency? We treat the source. Learn more about vein closure, and what to expect when you receive treatment from the Vascular Specialists at VIP.

VIP Specialists clinic location in downtown Visalia, CA

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Our office is conveniently located in Downtown Visalia on the corner of Locust St. and West Acequia Ave.

119 S. Locust St. Suite B
Visalia, CA 93291

There is limited parking on the street in front of the office, but all day parking is available on Levels 4 and 5 of the parking structure on Acequia Ave. located behind the office

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